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  • Posted: November 07, 2014
  • Updated: November 07, 2014
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HI-HI-HI!!!!! I am WALTER NO!  At least that is what mom calls me. I am number 02-06-14KS and I am almost 9 months old now.

Mom says if I don't learn to behave I won't see 10 months.  Wonder why she says that. I am just young and very smart and like to destroy things.

I thought mom was going to explode when she found I had destroyed the beautiful dog bed that has been around through 20 dogs with no problems. But I topped that the very next day by unstuffing the sofa while she answered the phone. That day I also managed to jump really high and get down the garbage bag over the sink and rip it open.  It was so much fun. But that put mom over the top and I can't go in the living room or kitchen any more.

One day she was making us yogurt and had the milk cooling in the crock pot. I snuck in the kitchen, got my front paws on the counter and stretched until I could get my head in the pot. I managed to slurp down about a quart of warm milk before she caught me.

I have a new friend here now.  His name is Lux and we hit it off immediately. He likes to do the same things I do, he also got down the garbage bag and made a mess, right after he arrived. We have a great time together and I think mom is happier now.

Of boy, I am in big trouble now. Mom won't let me in the living room but she did let me in the middle dog room, the big dog room and the door to outside is always open.  To let Mom know exactly what Lux and I, yes he helped, think about this we started tearing apart the bottom of the double human box spring mattress that was against the wall in the middle room. In the past it has always been laying down so we could sleep on it but due to me the beds got set against the wall. Then we pulled it down so the damage was hidden. But she caught that pretty quick. Now Lux and I can't go in that room. So my next statement to mom involved pulling one of the expensive orthopedic dog beds out of a kennel and destroying it. I tore apart the cover, the waterproof liner and of course that wonderful foam mattress.

Sigh, wonder what I should do next. I see some cabinets way up on the wall, bet I can get them open and destroy whatever is in them.

I am going to be here for a lot of years and it would be great if you would like to sponsor me.
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