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  • Posted: November 07, 2014
  • Updated: April 04, 2015
  • by megw
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UPDATE: After it becoming increasingly apparent that Piper was suffering and not enjoying life any longer, we helped her cross the Rainbow Bridge in March 2015. She was loved until her last day in this life and will be missed. Run happy and pain-free, Piper.

Hello, my name is Piper and I am one of the older girls at the farm.  Us grandmas like to sit around in our chairs and nap in the sun (when it's out!). I got surrendered here because I was acting grumpy to the little dogs in the neighborhood. But I couldn't help it because they were just so annoying.

When I first came here I had a couple huge tumors that were weighing me down, effecting my breathing and were pretty uncomfortable. I had surgery to have them removed. After a slow recovery (I don't heal as fast as a young pup anymore) I am good as new and feel great!

I'm a sanctuary dog so I'm here for life. It's a rather nice retirement home. The beds are comfy, the food is good, and I've made quite a few good friends.

Due to a generous donor, Piper was able to have three tumors removed from her body. Two were benign and one was cancerous, but Dr. T thinks he got it all. What a relief it must be for this poor girl not to have to carry these around anymore.  She's almost totally recuperated and back to having fun at The Farm!!

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