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  • Posted: November 07, 2014
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My story is a wonderful one in some ways and sad in others. I am only 1 1/2  years old.  At my home a kid jumped on my privates and it hurt so bad I snapped and bit her. I am not a mean dog or a bad dog, I bet human men would have bitten anyone who did that to them.

Anyway I was put in jail, which I shouldn't have been since I already had my rabies vaccinations. I spent 11 days in a kennel that was too small for me.

The court finally said I had to be killed! My first mom said no, they must save my life. They found the Dane Farm and asked if I could come and live there. And the Dane Farm said yes!! After a bunch of legal stuff which only humans worry about, my lawyer (yes I have my own lawyer) drove me all the way to the Farm.

And I found a new friend named Walter. We have been having an awesome time running in the woods and mouth boxing and getting into things. My new mom told me I am a very good boy and I can stay here forever. I was so happy I did tricks for her. I sat, lay down and shook both paws with her. She did get stern when I kept jumping on her. She said Danes should never, ever jump on people. So I am learning not to do that. Humans have some funny rules.

I need a sponsor too. All of us here need sponsors.
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