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Everyone knows the original 300 Spartans, as passionate as they were, could not defeat the Persians. We are here to create a new 300. A 300 who will win our war. A 300 who will make all the difference between success and failure for a cause that is dear to all Great Dane dog lovers. We are The "Other” 300!!

This will be our most ambitious and rewarding fundraiser this year! The Great Dane Sanctuary houses, feeds, provides medical care for and, most of all, LOVES FOR LIFE Great Danes from all over the country who would otherwise have that beautiful life snuffed out too soon, and many times unfairly. This fundraiser is to provide stable and reliable financial security for the sanctuary, which has no means of income aside from donations from those who love the breed as we do and understand the importance of such a place existing.


Most people do not realize what it takes to create and maintain an animal sanctuary vs. a rescue which has income from adopting out dogs. We have read over and over how so many of you wish you could be doing what we are. We have heard you and now is your chance to claim a stake in this wonderful project! Know the rewarding feeling of being a part of something big, so needed and so special.


We currently have dogs ranging in age from thirteen months to seven years. None of them ever get adopted. THEY ARE HERE FOREVER. We do not require surrendering owners and rescues to pay anything for us to take their dogs (although many do what they can).


Can you imagine caring for and providing every need for up to 15 Great Danes, 24/7, 365 days a year? Our caretaker lives onsite, but one person cannot do this alone and she has kennel help to feed, clean, exercise, clean, grind meat, clean, trim nails, and did we mention the constant cleaning? So, wages go on top of utilities (over $300 a month in the winter), taxes, insurance, vet bills, vehicle maintenance, cleaning supplies, phone, internet, office supplies, and property maintenance. The Dane Farm’s budget is $3000 EVERY MONTH. And that is with no emergencies such as a bloat surgery or busted water pipes.


You, your vet, your groomer, your child’s classroom, your sorority or fraternity, dog daycare and other pet businesses, your local Great Dane rescue, your local Great Dane Club, your Facebook friends, your Twitter feed. Any individual or group who can donate JUST $10 A MONTH! 300 donors giving $10/month = The Dane Farm’s guaranteed success!!


$10 is one movie ticket, two Starbucks, three sodas, one paperback novel, or one lunch a month!

Each member of The 300 will have their name engraved on a special plaque specifically donated to the Sanctuary for this purpose. It will have a prominent place on the wall in The Dane Barn where our beloved Great Danes live. In addition, over the course of the next few months, as money allows, we will be printing and distributing to each sponsor a custom designed tote bag sporting our unique We Are The Other 300 image. How cool is that?



This fundraiser is for a sustainable, recurring donation of $10 a month, with a commitment of at least one year, barring emergent circumstances. To make the most of your donation, we ask that you consider an automatic electronic check payment through your online banking, which will be mailed each month to The Dane Farm (some donors already do this and we thank them!). That way no processing fees are withheld and we get your entire $10. If you are not comfortable with this process, then Paypal is the next best way to donate.They provide the option to make a recurring payment and it will go directly into The Dane Farm’s Paypal account. And yes, all donations are tax deductible as The Dane Farm Great Dane Rescue and Sanctuary is a registered 501c3 non-profit.

Mailing address for checks (from you or your bank):


8238 Waldora Rd.

Siren, WI 54872


To set up a recurring Paypal donation, use the Sponsor/Donate box to the right on this page. Select the default $10 monthly amount and write The 300 in the box asking for a dog's name you wish to sponsor. Now click on Subscribe and you will be taken to your paypal account where you can complete the transaction.




Effective immediately, all $10 recurring monthly donors will be added to the list of  The 300 until we have reached our goal. We hope to have all 300 spots filled by the end of February. We can’t ask you enough to share this far and wide to all of your fellow Dane and dog lovers. We want to show the world that such a place can exist and operate successfully with just the support of loving, generous people like you.

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The Dane Farm Great Dane Sanctuary
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Please make checks out to The Dane Farm. THANK YOU!!