Welcome to The Great Dane Sanctuary!

The dream of many Dane lovers is to have a place where the old, ill and aggressive Danes can live out their natural lives in a happy, healthy home-like environment. Land and buildings, known as the Dane Farm, have been donated to the Great Dane Sanctuary, including living quarters for the caretaker and kennel help. The 40×24 kennel building on the property can accommodate the Sanctuary Danes in a homelike setting. They have acres of woods to play in, get to come in the house and have their own furniture to lay around on and are only kenneled at night and for meals.

Our angel of a Kennel Caretaker, Ashley, brushes each dog daily and they get all the vet care needed. In summary, we have some pretty happy puppies here!

If you are part of a Great Dane rescue in the United States and would like to have a representative on our Advisory Board, please fill out the contact form on this website with your information and we will contact you ASAP.

If you are a Great Dane lover and wish to help us succeed in our mission, please consider sponsoring one of our forever Danes on a monthly basis. We have no income whatsoever and rely solely on donations from our fans and supporters and grants.

Safe, loved and secure until the end of time.

Ann Heinrich of Dane Farm Sanctuary Interview
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By its very nature, The Dane Farm Sanctuary cannot be self-sustaining. Our dogs live out their lives here, as they had nowhere else to go.  The most effective way to show your support is a recurring monthly donation of $10 or more, either as a check through your bank's automatic payment options or through PayPal.

Thank you from the bottom of our resident Danes' hearts.

Sanctuary Fundraiser

A sanctuary is not a rescue. We do not adopt out any dogs, but rather keep them safe, secure and as healthy as we can on the Dane Farm for the full length of their lives. Thus, we have no revenue from which to draw for not only food, medicines and upkeep, but the huge initial investment to get The Farm ready for use.

The Great Dane Sanctuary can house up to 14 Great Danes in a home-like setting where they can live out happy and peaceful lives. But we have already outgrown our existing building and need fencing for small play areas badly.

Please consider donating a tax-deductible gift to the Great Dane Rescue of MN & WI, who co-owns the property, and make a note that your donation is pledged to The Dane Farm Great Dane Sanctuary, Inc. The sanctuary will get all monies donated via this link and we can continue taking in unadoptable Great Danes. Share with friends on social media, on your Great Dane groups, your rescue and anywhere else you think may be a good place to get the word out.

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Please make checks out to The Dane Farm. THANK YOU!!

Email: thedanefarm@gmail.com
We'd like to thank Raws for Paws of Minneapolis, MN for their generous raw food contributions to the Great Danes of The Dane Farm Rescue and Sanctuary.

Raws For Paws